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Seton Portage
British Columbia, Canada

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Seton Portage

Park Amenities:
Wilderness Camp
Horseback Riding
Mountain Biking
Wildlife Watching
Sledding -Skidoo
Snowboard - Skiing
 Snow Shoeing

Seton Portage, BC, Canada near Lillooet, Cariboo-Chilcotin Region, British Columbia is a small recreation village tucked away in a forested valley, surrounded by mountains, lakes, creeks and wildlife. The village, itself, is nestled between two lakes - Carpenter and Anderson. It was not always this way. At one time, the two lakes acted as one large 45 kilometre lake until a landslide separated the lake in two.

The small village is situated on Seton Lake. A row of residential homes fronts the lake leading to the village centre where there is a restaurant, motel, pub and a general store. In the back country hills are a few adventure resorts, many of which are very self contained and self reliant. Some resorts specialize in fishing, off roading and relaxing in the summer and then, switch gears in the winter and focus on snowmobiling, heli skiing and cross country skiing.

Prepare well as summers are busy attracting many to the area for hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, off roading, fishing, canoeing, kayaking,swimming, water skiing, jet skiing and horseback riding. And being that Seton Portage is surrounded by mountains and glaciers the winter season is also active.

Some of the hiking trails in the area to consider exploring include the Seton Ridge, Nosebag Mountain and the Viera Creek Trails. At all times when exploring the lakes and trails, in and around, Seton Portage please respect and be aware of the wildlife like mule deer, moose, Black Bear, bighorn sheep and mountain goats.

Visit Seton Portage, BC, Canada near Lillooet, Cariboo-Chilcotin Region, British Columbia


How To Get To: Seton Portage

From Lillooet travel along 25 km west of the town of Lillooet. Travel along the Bridge River Road located north of the community of Lillooet, BC for approximately 31 kilometres. While traveling Bridge River Road before Moha and just after Antoine Creek, is Horseshoe Bend and Mission Mountain Road. Continue on Mission Mountain Road to the eastern tip of Carpenter Lake near the Terzaghi Dam. Continue south over some switchbacks to Seton Lake and Seton Portage.


Mission Mountain Road , British Columbia Canada

50.707377 -122.289545

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