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Lillooet, BC, Canada formerly known as Cayoosh Canyon, is a destination community situated in a valley, side by side, with the Fraser River and surrounded by a chain of lakes, mountain ranges and dry desert country. The small community is situated in the lower part of the Cariboo - Chilcotin region in the heart of Gold Rush Country.

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Lillooet, BC proudly refers to itself as "Jade Country". A reminder by the community of the Cariboo Gold Rush days during the mid 1800s. During that era Lillooet was the beginning of the Cariboo Gold Rush Trail leading to the gold mines in the interior. Today, in town, a cairn sits on Main Street marking "Mile 0" of the historic trail.

Lillooet is one of the oldest communities in British Columbia, Canada. It is a community deep in history, both European and First Nation history. The St'at'imc First Nation people worked and lived the land 8000 years prior to the Europeans. The Fraser River provided the food, water, protection and transportation for the First Nation people. Today in Lillooet, etched on canyon walls, one can find pictographs telling their story.

The Lillooet region includes the Villages of Seton Portage, Shalalth and Gold Bridge. Smaller communities set in a rural setting with big time scenic views fronting lakes and surrounded by mountains, rivers and creeks. The Highline (4x4 only), Bridge River and Mountain Mission Forest Service Roads connect to the smaller communities of Seton Portage, Shalalth and Gold Bridge.

The entire Lillooet region provides endless outdoor adventures during the sunshine months including mountain biking, boating, canoeing, river rafting, kayaking, fishing, hiking, rock hounding, backpacking, camping, wind surfing, dirt biking, rock climbing, atving, swimming and water skiing.

Fishing, boating, canoeing and sailing is a popular activity on Carpenter, Anderson, Marshall, Fountain, Tyaughton, Gun and Seton Lakes. While the Moon Lake, Seton Ridge, Viera Creek, Keary, Hog Creek, Liza Lake, Nosebag, Mount Penrose, Green Mountain, Noel Creek and Cedarvale Creek Trails provide weeks of hiking when in Lillooet.

During the winter months the back country trails and roads become a winter playground for people who enjoy snowmobiling, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and ice fishing. Tyaughton Lake, Gun Lake, McDonald Lake, Shulaps Range, Mowson Pond and Nosebag Mountain Trails near Lillooet are popular destinations for snowmobiling.

Also, when in town, take the time to enjoy a self guided walking tour visiting some of the "jade rocks" mounted on display. Take a step in time and view the 24 Camel Bridge, the Mayazaki Heritage House built in the 1880s, a suspension bridge built in 1913 and the Hangmans Tree.

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