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Candle Creek and Triple Decker Falls Hike

Candle_Creek_waterfall Candle Creek Falls

Visit 2 waterfalls in one hike in British Columbia Candle Creek and Triple Decker Falls is a steep but rewarding hike in Canada, allowing you to get to close and personal with 2 waterfalls Candle Creek and Trip...

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Janel's Tips for the Solo Travel in Canada

Janel's Tips for the Solo Travel in Canada

Travel Solo in Canada Tips   Exploring Canada On Your Own Time Solo Travel in Canada - People often ask me for advice on solo travel in Canada. It seems like I am always on the go. To be honest, I fee...

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Top 8 Summer Activities in and around Vernon, B.C

Summertime activities, Vernon, British Columbia, Okanagan, biking, Okanagan Rail Trail Biking along the scenic Okanagan Rail Trail. Photo credit: Melanie Adair

Adventure fun for all ages in British Columbia  Discover fun summer activities for all ages in and around Vernon, B.C Top 8 Summer Activities in Vernon BC - Summertime is the perfect way to ...

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Celebrating our award ! Best New Business for 2019


Tart lollipop candy toffee danish candy liquorice cookie fruitcake. Powder croissant jelly-o jelly-o danish chocolate bar. Chocolate cake gummies croissant halvah jelly beans tootsie roll pudding.  Danish brownie ta...

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Hiking the Aberdeen Columns BC Canada

Aberdeen Columns, hiking, trail, hiking trail, Vernon Aberdeen Columns. Photo credit: Nicole Adair

Basalt columns rising up 22 meters in British Columbia A quick hike leads you to the stunning Aberdeen Columns caused by volcanic activity in Canada Hiking the Aberdeen Columns BC Canada are out of this wo...

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Top 10 Travel Gear for Beginners

Beginner_backpacking_gear Top 10 Travel Gear for Beginners

Gear that makes traveling Canada easier Must-have travel gear for beginners for those setting out for long-term travel Travel Gear for Beginners - Knowing what to bring on a long-term trip can be daunting,...

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How To Create New Website Pages In this video you will learn how to add content about your area to promote your business.

What to do in Armstrong British Columbia


Exploring the beauty of small towns in Canada Things to do in Armstrong BC Canada  Wondering what to do in Armstrong, British Columbia? Let me tell you! Armstrong is one of those quaint little towns, nestled only a ...

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Spaner & Webb

Spaner & Webb

Here I am thinking back on shopping experiences, and coming to a realization that its not about selling product for me. Its about helping people feel fantastic about the clothes they are in.

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@spanerandwebbclothing @merritt

Flying to Canada during COVID-19

Arriving in Kelowna Airport Arriving in Kelowna Airport. Photo credit: Samantha Sewell

Crossing the Canadian Boarding during COVID-19 Welcome back to Canada; now what? Flying to Canada during COVID-19 - I will admit, I was confused as well. I had to travel internationally, cross the US/Canada border, ...

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