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Top 3 Waterfalls Western / Northern Canada



2014 Traveler’s Choice Awards

Top 3 Waterfalls Western / Northern Canada

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Western / Northern Canada Waterfalls – Anyone who has followed us through the years here at eh Canada Travel & Adventure knows, full well, we enjoy waterfalling.

The activity of waterfalling is a term we use to describe the art of seeking out waterfalls via participating in adventures like hiking, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, boating, sailing and mountain biking.

Canada is fortunate enough to have a wide selection of waterfalls to explore. Some falls are hard to access and require much effort to view… while others are developed falls often easily accessed by highways and paved walkways.

The developed waterfalls in Canada are often on display as centre pieces within community, provincial or national parks. These falls tend to be surrounded by amenities like viewpoints, day use picnic sites, hiking trails, washrooms and parking lots. The more developed waterfall parks can include sandy beaches, concession stands, campgrounds, playgrounds and equipment rentals.

The remote, hard to access, waterfalls are bare bones. The only requirement for viewing these remote backcountry falls, is effort whether it being a long hike, paddle or ride. These destinations let the waterfalls do all the entertaining.

Below we have posted the TOP 3 MOST POPULAR WATERFALLS VISITED on our award-winning ehCanadaTravel.com website and blog by OVER 2.1+ MILLION ONLINE TRAVELERS in 2013.

Below are the winners of our 2014 TRAVELER’S CHOICE AWARDS:

Kinuseo Falls

Kinuseo Waterfall, Monkman Park

TOP 3 Best Waterfalls

Kinuseo Waterfall
Tumbler Ridge
BC, Canada

Kinuseo Falls drops 60 metres on the Murray River located in the Hart Ranges of the Rocky Mountains. The park is located 65 kilometres south of the community of Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. The waterfall park is located in one of BC’s most remote provincial parks – Monkman Provincial Park. Located at the north entrance of Monkman Park are the Kinuseo Falls. From the parking lot a short trail leading travelers to a viewing platform which looks down over the falls and out over Murray River. Stunning! And there is a bonus. Tumbler Ridge, BC has over 10+ other waterfalls to explore. (read more)

Alexandra Falls

Alexandra Falls, Waterfall Highway, NWT

TOP 3 waterfall
Alexandra Falls
Northwest Territories, Canada

Alexandra Falls is part of the Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park located on the Waterfall Highway in the Northwest Territories, Canada. The highway is one of the best waterfalling routes in the country and should be on every traveler’s bucket list. The Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park is a day use area only park located 72 kilometres (45 miles) west of the Alberta/NWT Boarder crossing when traveling the Waterfall Highway (Hwy #1). Alexandra Falls is the first of two large waterfalls in the Twin Gorge Falls Territorial Park. The other falls being the Louise Falls. Both are connected by a developed walking path decorated with day use picnic areas, viewing benches, viewing platforms and some unique spiral staircases which lead down to the edge of the falls. (read more)

Top 3 Falls

Begbie Falls, Revelstoke, BC

Top 3 WaterfallsBegbie Falls
BC, Canada
Begbie Falls is located south of the community of Revelstoke, BC. The popular falls are tucked away in the forest canopy on the shores of Upper Arrow Lake at the mouth of Begbie Creek. The falls are best accessed by a hiking trail and/or by canoe or kayak. The main hiking route to Begbie Falls follows a short 10 – 20 minute hiking trail leading downhill from the parking lot of the Begbie Falls Recreation Site. The short  hiking trail leading downhill from the parking lot is full of twists and turns eventually connecting to a series of wooden stairs leading to a viewing platform located at the base of the falls. The trail is steep and slippery. The mist from the falls is magical and the roar is loud. (read more)

Congratulations to this years most popular waterfalls in Western/Northern Canada
from the “eh Team Brothers” and the ehCanadaTravel.com.

vista2- small2ehCanadaTravel.com (eh Canada Travel & Adventure) is the largest booking, planning and researching tourism and travel website for Western and Northern Canada currently expanding into Eastern and Atlantic Canada. The EH Team Brothers (Co Founders) also author the eh Canada Travel Blog which was recently awarded “A Top Canadian Blogger” by FlightNetwork.com.

2014 Traveler’s Choice Awards – Waterfalls

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