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Upper Arrow Lake is a popular destination in the summer months for boating, swimming camping, bird watching and fishing. The lake is well stocked with fish including rainbow, gerrard, kokanee and barbot.
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Mount Revelstoke Resort is the ski, heli-ski, cat-ski and snowboarding destination for the community of Revelstoke, BC in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada.
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Shelter Bay Provincial Park covers over 93 hectares. The park includes a day use area and a campground. The day use area rests on the shores of Upper Arrow Lake and enjoys a sandy beach with a swimming area, picnic tables and pit toilets.
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In the summer months the popular activities include swimming, hiking, canoeing, dirt biking, atving and picnicking. The lake is a very popular destination for family picnics with children. It is a self maintained recreation site so it is important that all garbage is packed out.
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Martha Creek Provincial Park is a destination park. Some of the activities enjoyed when visiting in the park include boating, canoeing, swimming, fishing, camping and picnics. Some stay for a few days in the campground, while others enjoy the lake activities and day use facilities.
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Mount Revelstoke National Park is an adventure destination exploring Revelstoke Mountain in the community of Revelstoke, BC in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. The trails in the park provide amazing mountain scenery well connecting to lakes, summits and alpine meadows.
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Lake Revelstoke is a man-made lake situated north of the community of Revelstoke,BC in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. It is a very popular lake for fishing, boating, kayaking and canoeing. The reservoir lake stretches out over 130 kilometres and is capped on the south end by the Re
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Glacier National Park is one of the more rugged, remote alpine mountain parks in the Kootenay region located in British Columbia, Canada. The monster of a park is situated in between the communities of Golden and Revelstoke, BC.
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River Trail is a community walking path following along the banks of the Columbia and Illecillewaet Rivers in the community of Revelstoke, BC in the Kootenays of British Columbia, Canada. The gravel and paved recreation walkway is also used for biking, jogging, dog walking, rollerblading, picnicking
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Mount MacPherson Trails is an extensive network of inter-connecting trails popular for mountain biking and hiking near the community of Revelstoke, BC in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. The trails, during the winter months, are popular cross country ski trails.
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Begbie Creek Trail is an easy-going 2 kilometre hiking trail leading to a waterfall, the shores of Upper Arrow Lake and some mountain climbing routes. The popular trail is located south of the community of Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada on the west side of Upper Arrow Lake.
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The Last Spike historic site is the feature attraction located at a major rest stop located on the Trans Canada Highway, east of Sicamous BC and west of Revelstoke, BC. Marking the historic event is a large stone monument accompanied by a rail car.
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The Malakwa Suspension Bridge spans over the Eagle River in the community of Malakwa, British Columbia, Canada. The 1915 bridge was originally built by the local farmers to connect to the community and their fields.
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Begbie Falls is fabulous waterfall find located south of the community of Revelstoke, BC., Canada. Thew waterfall is located where Begbie Creek empties into Upper Arrow Lake. Begbie Falls is accessed by various hiking routes and by one rough, narrow, gravel road.
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The Blanket Creek Park is planted in a forest of white pine, western cedar and second growth western hemlock trees. The park on Upper Arrow Lake includes a day use area, car top boat launch, campground and hiking trails. The boat launch is not directly on the lake and requires a short portage.
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