The Top 10 Educational Parks of Canada

Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park

Taking your children to a park in Canada means they are going to have a lot of fun. However, you also want them to learn a thing or two. What are some of the top educational parks in Canada for achieving this goal? They’re not that hard to find. Read on to find out more!

Waterton Lakes National
What’s better than teaching your kids about different ecosystems? When you enroll them in the Waterton Ecosystem Investigator Camp Program here, they will have that opportunity. I’ll bite my tongue if they don’t love it!

Batoche Historic Site
The full name of this park is the Batoche National Historic Site, so your children are going to learn about both the history and the science of this beautiful region.

Jasper National Park
This park has teamed up with a variety of organizations to provide an optimal experience to the children of the region. According to the park’s site, some of these groups include the Child and Nature Alliance and the Friends of Jasper National Park, two very reputable groups.

Canada Education Park
With a name like the Canada Education Park, you can’t deny that they have some trustworthy goals in place. The park is generally designed for students who are in university, but look for programs that will invite younger ones in – they’re there!

Fundy National Park
This park is really concerned with the environment. According to its website, some of the programs that it offers include fairs about environmental science, for one. Your entire family can attend them together to learn a thing or two about the beautiful world around us and how to keep it that way.

Forks Historic Sites
The full title of this place is The Forks National Historic Sites of Canada. According to the Parks Canada’s Archaeology website, this park will really help enhance your child’s understanding of ancient civilizations – the people who came long before all of us were ever on this planet.

Fraser Valley
The Archaeology website also points to the Fraser Valley, is located in British Columbia, as a wonderful place to explore. The site notes that this place was home to “the ancient village of Xá:ytem.” Truly, your children will begin to understand the importance of history if nothing else.

L’Anse aux Meadows
Here’s another one that the Archaeology website promotes. The site writes, “Information on the discovery, excavation, history and reconstruction of the Viking settlement” can be found at this location. Once again, your children will get a taste of both science and history when they go here.

Prince Albert
At Prince Albert National Park, your kids are going to get a taste of the forest life. Look into different seasonal activities to get your kids as close to nature as possible. Remember, the more they understand, the more power they have.

Elk Island
The Elk Island National Park of Canada is an excellent place to go, because many endangered species can be found there. Your kids can develop an appreciation for how important it is to care for these animals by seeing them up close in their natural beauty.

Jessie Brocka writes about education. Her recent work is on Master’s in Education Degree Programs.

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