Stare Down with a Bear near Kaslo, BC

Bear Staring Contest

Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada is a small community on the shores of Kootenay Lake nestled on the banks of the Kaslo River.

The community is in the centre of wilderness bliss, sightseeing fantasy and adventure thrills.

Surrounding the community are the majestic peaks of the Purcell and Selkirk Mountains. All four corners of the region are secured by parkland and forests.

To the northeast is the Goat Range Provincial Park; to the northwest is the Purcell Wilderness Provincial Park; to the south is the Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park and to the west is the Valhalla Provincial Park.

Kaslo is a great launching point for day tripping, wilderness adventures and sightseeing.

Kaslo Waterfront – Kootenay Lake

Just down the road south of the community is Nelson, BC and the Ainsworth Hot Springs. Take a short scenic ferry ride across Kootenay Lake and visit Creston, BC. Or venture out west on Highway #6 (one of the most scenic drives in the region) and visit Nakusp, BC on Upper Arrow Lake and some natural hot springs.

Kaslo is a picturesque lakefront community with streets lined with buildings from the Victorian era, a waterfront which is home to the S.S. Moyie sternwheeler and a backcountry recreation environment with wilderness trails and wildlife viewing opportunities.

On our recent adventure to Kaslo, BC we were researching hiking trails for our Kootenays EH Travel Website. We hiked and prodded along on trails like the the Kaslo River Trail, Wardner Trail, Fletcher Falls and the Buchanan Lookout.


Views from Buchanan Lookout

On our next visit we will be hauling along our mountain bikes as there are bike trails filled with steeps, drops and downhill rides. Mountain bikers, starting from the streets of Kaslo, enjoy a network of single track trails and backcountry roads spanning over 100 kilometres!

After checking out the village of Kaslo – the next day, I decided to take a scenic drive to the small village of New Denver. Much of the highway route follows along the Kaslo River.

The highway is full of turns and hills… and as I soon found out spills too. So much so I lost part of my coffee on my lap. Holy jumping it was hot!

Once I recovered from my third degree burns to a very sensitive area I was able to take all the scenery in including wetland marshes, mountain peaks and wildlife.On this trip I was lucky enough to visit with a moose and to observe a very curious Brown Bear.

S.S. Moyie Sternwheeler

Coming back from New Denver, as I got closer to Kaslo, I just happen to look down someone’s long dirt driveway and there he was – a bear sitting on his rump looking straight out at me.

I sat in my vehicle and he sat on his rump and we stared at each other for what seemed liked 15 minutes. He nor I was willing to give in and lose this staring contest.

I guess he felt I was boring because he snorted and got up and turned around and headed back into the forest.

But first… just for a moment – a click of a camera shutter second – he turned and looked back at me. I swear I thought he winked at me as if to say, ” It is has been a slice but I have more important things to do then play silly staring games with you.”

When ever in the Kaslo area be prepared for amazing scenery, wildlife sightings and plenty of adventure. For a small town it packs a big punch filled with smiles and laughter.

For more photos and information and things to do when exploring in Kaslo BC please visit our Kootenay EH Travel Website at :



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  1. Gug
    Gug says:

    Will try and stop in a say hi as we always love meeting people who comment on our work. Have a great season in beautiful Kaslo.

  2. Gug
    Gug says:

    Thank you for the kind words. We would love to send bookings your way too, but it looks like you do not advertise on our websites. Hmmm… maybe want to consider that too so we can work together in loving your area. Cheers.

  3. Kaslo Florists
    Kaslo Florists says:

    A big hello from beautiful Kaslo. I am the owner/designer of Kaslo Florists and love it when visitors drop by my shop. I live, work and volunteer in my community and want you to know you are most welcome to visit us! I specialize in custom-design floral work and especially love working on wedding flowers. Thank you!

  4. Marlaina Blanche
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    Great blog on our little town! Hope you had a chance to check out my little home decor shop Willow Home Gallery. We have a little dog Tilly greeting people at our front door. If not please drop by next visit to Kaslo. Would love to meet you!


    Thanks for a nice description of our area! Open invitation to come stay at Wing Creek Resort when you do your next exploration on bikes! We cater exclusively to couples and individuals and are happy to stock your fridge or drive you into town if you arrive on bikes. Riding on or off road here is amazing, as is the hiking, boating, fishing, bear-watching, festivals…

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