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So.. the Travel Website is officially online. It is our first website outside of our home province of British Columbia, Canada. Not to toot our own horn.. but the website is an amazing looking travel website and Bro and I are pretty proud of the final result. Launching, unofficially, the website opened up a flood of memories about our extended time in the Yukon Territory.

Building the website sent shivers up my spine. It made us look back to the days we spent under the Midnight Sun. And I mean serious days.. days so long that night is but a memory. The night was more like a dark day ending always with a decorated sunset painted in oranges, purples and reds. There was very little time to enjoy darkness, because there was no never any time of total pitch-black darkness.

The long hours of daylight provided long days of researching. Getting from one destination to another is easy with the many highways in the Yukon. Many of which we had heard of prior to our adventure. We have heard of the Alaska Highway, Klondike Highway and the Dempster Highway. But there was more than one highway which we did not know of prior to our visit and one of them was the Top of the World Highway.

From Dawson City, Yukon there is a river ferry crossing the Yukon River. On the other side of the ferry is Mile “0” of the Top of the World Highway. The highway travels along the top of mountain ridges connecting Dawson City with Alaska, USA. It is a back door entrance to the state of Alaska.  It is 106 kilometres long and it is mostly all gravel. There are forested valleys on your right and cliffs on your left (however you do not see them as they are covered by trees).

The Top of the World Highway has one of the most unique pull out rest stops I have seen in a long white. The rest stop is a mini cardboard cut out village with heritage like gold mining town buildings. It was a shock as we drove up to it. Did not expect such a display on a lonely highway. In the middle of nowhere it sits. It was like a bump on a log. You cannot miss it. So we rested at the pull out, just because.

Too bad we could not tele-port back to the pioneer days when the highway was but a dream.  It was back then when the mountains and valleys of the area use to be the stomping grounds of the migrating Porcupine Caribou Herd. Put that was then.. now they are no longer migrating to the area. In fact we did not see any wildlife on this highway.. no, we saw plenty of valleys and forests. We did not see much traffic, as the roads were bare (main photo). So bare Bro could do a funny dance in the middle of the road. It was a great show!

All and all it was a treasured memory filled with wilderness sightseeing on top of the world!

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