The seasons change and so does the playing field. The ground at Camp EH is now covered in white snow. Not sure how long it is going to stick around this time. But it sure looks pretty outside the our front door (main picture).

After the snow falls our lives here at FROG Internet take a turn for the better. The snow forces us to work in doors more (writing and building websites and it entices us to get out more at the same time to enjoy some winter recreation. Snow does not have to mean inactivity. It should not mean hibernation.. that is for bears.

During the winter months is when we do much of our website work. It is also a time of year to treat ourselves to some winter activities. The game plan this year is mixed.

We are planning on trying, for the first time, some ice fishing.. yup.. ice fishing. And we will be skating on a few lakes, doing some snowboarding and snowshoeing hopefully too.

For now..  we wait for more snow and for the ice to freeze. It is coming, you can feel it in the crisp air. The sooner the better I say. It is always hard to wait for the seasons to hit full force. It is the seasons between the seasons which are the hardest to endure.

Tourism in canada is year round. Maybe we should all start enjoying the seasons instead of complaining. How come it is always the city people who complain about winter and the country people who embrace winter. Is it because in the city the snow turns black, people are too busy spending money and there is no time to enjoy the beauty that is winter.

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