Ring in the New Year

Another year waits ahead.  It is a year of big dreams and lofty goals. Some of us have made resolutions while others are going to wing it. We for one,  here at the FROG POND,  have a plan.. it is a simple plan yet to the point. It is a plan that has never wavered over the years – it  just got allot bigger. The road to success is always bumpy but never boring.

Our goals are clear and in stone – We will  be the #1 Canadian Tourism Website in the World!  And it will be soon. We have a formula that works, a tourism brand that is kicking butt and the will of a charging bull.  The focus now is to stay on track, just be more intense and determined. Every year the light at the end of the tunnel gets a little bit brighter.

During the spring we will be hunkering down working on our websites and working with our loyal and lovable clients.  The work ahead is daunting. Bro will be working with clients and on design of the new features of the EH Tourism websites. Myself I data entry and write. I will be building the NWT and Yukon websites and hopefully get a crack at Alberta too.

Currently I am revamping and putting the sizzle back into the Gulf Islands website.  I just completed the Vancouver Island website face lift and it looks hot. The Gulf Islands website has a new photo gallery and allot more parks. But I am not finish yet, so hold off till the finish product is complete and online before we all begin to drool and have group hugs. Ha ha ha.

Anywho.. all is fine in our tourism world and we wish you well in 2010!

You think it is snowing where you are.. how is this for a cabin in white. (main photo)

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