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Difficulty: Easy - Family
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Bertha Lake Trail is a sightseeing hiking route located in the Waterton Lakes National Park in the southwest corner of the province of Alberta, Canada.

Bertha Lake TrailThe Bertha Lake Trail highlight destinations include Bertha Falls and Bertha Lake. Both are accessed from the same trail. The trailhead is located near the campground in the Waterton Townsite.

The hike to Bertha Falls is about 3 kilometres one way with an elevation gain of 150 metres (450 feet). The hiking distance to Bertha Lake is 5.4 kilometres one-way with an elevation gain of 460 metres (1509 feet).

The route begins by following the shores of Upper Waterton Lake for about 1.5 kilometres. At that point on the trail there is a trail junction. Go straight and the trail connects to the Glacier National Park in the USA or veer right and continue on the Bertha Lake Trail.

From the junction the trail continues for another 1.4 kilometres along a dirt and earthy pathway, crossing footbridges, before leading to a creek and Bertha Falls. There is a bridge at the falls and some natural viewpoints overlooking the falls.

From the bridge to the sub alpine lake is considered the more challenging section of the hike. The trail narrows, it is steeper, there are many switchbacks, exposed rocks and tree trunks.

After the bridge the trail continues for another 2.8 kilometres climbing a series of switchbacks up the side of Mount Richards. At the top of the switchbacks there is a high cliff ridge with some great views of Bertha Lake, Mount Alderson (2692 metres), Mount Richards (2416 metres) and Bertha Peak (2440 metres).

At Bertha Lake is a wilderness campground, a picnic area and some rough, less maintained trails circling around the lake.

It is important to prepare for all types of conditions and circumstance when hiking in the alpine mountains in the Waterton Lakes National Park. It is common to experience high winds, wildlife encounters and fast changing weather conditions when hiking at high elevations.



Bertha Lake Trail - Waterton Lakes

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