Grande Prairie Parks & Trails

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The Kleskun Hills were first created over 70 million years ago from the accumulation of sand, volcanic ash and clay. Over time the layers hardened forming shale, coal and sandstone known as the Wapiti Formation. The retreat of the Ice Age carved out the hills and the wind and rain polished the hills
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During the summer months Bear Lake is an outdoor destination for activities and adventures like hiking, canoeing, swimming, kayaking, picnicking, swimming and birdwatching.
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The O'Brien Provincial Park is best known as a popular picnic retreat, natural wilderness area and easy access point for the fishing the Wapiti River for trout, arctic grayling, pike and walleye.
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Saskatoon Island Provincial Park is a popular activity and camping destination located in the Peace Country region of Northern Alberta near the community of Grande Prairie. The 100 hectare provincial park is surrounded by water.
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In total there are over 35 kilometres of trails in the region. During the winter 4 kilometres of the xc ski runs are lit for night skiing. The trail network consists of many loop routes. Some exploring a forest and others navigating the sand dunes above the Wapiti River leading to a viewpoint.
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Crystal Lake, the shoreline wetlands and marsh-like areas are all protected nesting and mating grounds for many species of birds, most notably Trumpeter Swans.
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Muskoseepi Park measures 405 hectares and is divided into 6 sections - Bear Creek North, Bear Creek Reservoir, Centennial Park, Bear Creek Corridor, Bear Creek South and Crystal Lake.
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There is a museum and pavilion which are featured in Centennial Park - both are the centre of attention during events, meetings and festivals. Outside the buildings is a duck pond with a wooden bridge surrounded by fields of grass, a paved walkway and viewing benches.
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