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Crystal Lake, in the Muskoseepi Park, is a protected waterfowl park and picnic site located in the community of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. The lake is a popular location in the Peace Country region for sightseeing, picnicking and birding.

 Photo GalleryCrystal Lake is a prairie wetland park located east of the Bear Creek portion of Muskoseepi Park. The Bear Creek and Crystal Lake regions combine to create Muskoseepi Park and are connected by a series of paved and gravel recreation trails and side streets.

The community of Grande Prairie, Alberta is directly in line with migrating bird flyways. And Crystal Lake is, just one of many resting destinations located along the migrating routes visited by many species of birds every year.

Crystal Lake, the shoreline wetlands and marsh-like areas are all protected nesting and mating grounds for many species of birds, most notably Trumpeter Swans.

To enhance your birding experience a large viewing deck has been built on the lake surrounded by tall lake grass, bull rushes and cat tails. The raised wooden viewing deck provides wide ranging views of the lake and birding activity.

Connecting to the birdwatching viewing deck are some recreation trails exploring the shores of the lake. The gravel trails carve a path through the park's grass fields before connecting to the local side streets and access trails.

Crystal Lake is a day use park with some picnicking amenities including picnic tables and viewing benches - some under the shade of trees, while others are left out in the open enjoying the sunshine. Also, if need be, there is a pit toilet tucked away in the corner.

How to Get to Crystal Lake:

Travel to the community of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. From the community travel east on 116th Ave to Lakeland Drive. Take a left onto Lakeland Drive and continue traveling to the paved parking lot on Crystal Lake.


Crystal Lake
Grande Prairie
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