Chinook Lake Loop Trail

Coleman, Alberta

Trail Length: 2.3 km loop

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Pet Friendly
Wildlife Watching
Wheelchair Access

Chinook Lake Hiking Trail

Hiking Trails in the Crowsnest Pass

Family Friendly Hike in Southern Alberta


Heading from Hwy 3, follow Allison Creek Rd to the Chinook Lake Access Road. The best way to start this hike during the open season is to simply start at the Chinook Lake Day-Use Area parking lot. Because this is a loop trail around the whole lake, you can start in either direction. Very easy trail to jump onto wherever you please. If visiting in the off-season, the road down is gated closed, but you can still enjoy this trail year round. It just adds a bit longer to the trip having to walk down to the lake. It is a steep road down the hill to the lake.

Hiking Around Chinook Lake in Alberta

The Crowsnest is an area rich in history, and a gem for wilderness lovers. This trail is considered easy, mostly flat, and just over 2 km. Chinook Lake Loop trail is a great, easy, family friendly hike. The south side of the lake sees a wide gravel path following along the shores of Chinook Lake a few feet above and is wheelchair friendly for a portion here. This section is well treed and offers good protection from the elements, as well as some benches to take in the gorgeous views. If walking the trail clockwise, you'll find the trail narrows and forks on the west side of the lake. Stick to the right as you want to walk through the forest and over the creek bridge to get back to the amazing lake views. The north side of the trail is much more narrow with exposed rock and tree roots. Making the north section of Chinook Lake trail a little more technical than the campground side.

Wildflower Hikes in the Crowsnest Pass

This Crowsnest Pass hiking trail is a top destination for wildflower hiking areas. Spring, specifically mid to late June, sees this section of the province come alive with vibrant pops of colours everywhere you look. The Chinook Lake Loop trail is surrounded by different varieties of plant life. From columbia's and orchids, the endless wildflowers make this easy hike that much more enjoyable.

Wildlife in the Crowsnest Pass

Chinook Lake is a birdwatching haven, especially for the larger birds of prey, such as the bald eagle. You'll often find a large variety of song birds in the surrounding forests as well. Butterflies are plentiful and are always a beautiful sight to see while hiking. You'll want to note that this is bear country, so be prepared and bring your bear spray.

Chinook Lake Provincial Recreation Area

The Chinook Lake P.R.A is a great place to get outside and explore. Home to Chinook Lake, the Chinook Lake Loop trail, the Allison Creek Falls trail, a large rustic campground, amazing mountain views, as well as many other outdoor adventures. There are also many other trails nearby and connecting to the lake loop trail here. Conveniently, you'll find a large pavilion with picnic tables in the Chinook Lake Day-Use Area to enjoy a nice lunch after your hike. Experience this short easy hike in the Canadian Rocky Mountains!

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Chinook Lake Loop Trail
Chinook Lake Access Road
Coleman, Alberta

How To Get ToChinook Lake Loop Trail

From Hwy 3/Crowsnest Hwy, take Allison Creek Rd north to Chinook Lake Access Rd. If the gate is open, continue down the access road to Chinook Lake Day-Use parking.
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