6 Mile River (Tagish River)


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6 Mile River in Tagish, Southern Lakes, Yukon Territories, Canada, also referred to as the Tagish River, is a major marine transportation route, recreation destination and waterway connecting Tagish Lake with Marsh Lake in the Southern Lakes region.

The village of Tagish is located on the banks of 6 Mile River. Throughout the network of lakes and rivers in the region, especially Marsh Lake and Tagish Lake, are neighbourhoods of resort cabins and vacation cottages.

Some of the cottages are permanent residences others are summer and winter vacation homes. And then there are larger groupings of cabins operating together as resorts. The Tagish and Marsh Lake region is considered the Yukon's cottage country.

Marsh Lake is best known for its recreation. There are accommodations, tours, resorts and rentals located on the lake. Army Beach is just one of the sandy beaches to enjoy in the area. Fishing is for Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike and Whitefish.

Tagish Lake located south of 6 Mile is one of the larger lakes in the Southern Lakes region. The lake measures 100 kilometres long and includes two arms. The Windy Arm is on the Yukon side of the border while most of the Taku Arm is in the province of British Columbia.

The Klondike Highway follows along the banks of the Windy Arm for many kilometres. It is a good route for some great views. Fishing Tagish Lake includes Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, Whitefish and Burbot.

Located next to the big bridge crossing over 6 Mile River are a couple of boat launches. From these boat launches many access Marsh and Tagish Lakes for fishing, sightseeing tours and for travel. Fishing in the river is mainly for Lake Trout.

Birdwatching in the lake region is ideal as the lakes fall under the migratory path of many birds. In the spring months, the region of 6 Mile River, Tagish and Marsh Lakes are visited by swans and many other waterfowl.

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6 Mile River (Tagish River)

How To Get To6 Mile River (Tagish River)

Travel west of Teslin on the Alaska Highway in the Yukon Territory to Jake's Corner. From Jake's Corner take the exit to Highway #8 (Tagish Road) . Continue on Tagish Road ( Hwy #8) for 20 kilometres to the community of Tagish and 6 Mile River.

Travel the South Klondike Highway near the community of Carcross. From the South Klondike Highway near Carcross turn east on Highway #8 (Tagish Road). Continue east on Hwy #8 for 33 kilometres to the 6 Mile Bridge.
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