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Buffaloland Provincial Park

Detailed Description:

Buffaloland Provincial Park

Montague, Prince Edward Island, PEI

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Buffaloland Provincial Park is a low key bison sanctuary day-use park located in Montague, PEI, Canada. The buffalo park provides a good opportunity to view bison up close and personal.

What are the Things To Do, Activities, Adventures in the Buffaloland Provincial Park?

Buffaloland Provincial Park adventures, and activities most enjoyed in and around the park are sightseeing, wildlife watching and picnicking.

What are the amenities, services located in the Buffaloland Provincial Park?

A few of the more popular amenities and services located in and around the Buffaloland Provincial Park includes a boardwalk path, information signs, and a viewing deck.

What are the best highlights located in the Buffaloland Provincial Park?

The highlights of the the Buffaloland Provincial Park is that admission is free and the bison are often within view so one can appreciate these beautiful animals.

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Buffaloland Provincial Park
Highway 4
Montague ,


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