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Selkirk Manitoba
Adventure Travel - Canada

Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada is a historical centre and an inland marine port destination located on the banks of the Red River in the Interlake region of Manitoba, Canada. The Red River has a long Icelandic, First Nation and European history in Manitoba. So much so... in 2007 the historic 500+ kilometre long river received Heritage River status.

During the 1820s the land and the Red River were hunting and fishing grounds for the Metis First Nation people. Soon later the fur taders and bison hunters arrived via the Red River Trails. The trails were ox cart trails used as trading routes connecting Manitoba, Canada in the north with the US states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan in the south.

In 1882 a select group of people with money and influence bought up the land on the banks of the Red River and created the village of Selkirk, Manitoba. The new Irish and Scottish settlers had grand dreams of Selkirk becoming a capital city, the transportation hub and the main port for trade in the province. But... in the end, all was forgotten, as Winnipeg became the centre of decision.

Today, Selkirk Manitoba and East Selkirk are seperated by the Red River and connected by a lift bridge. There are fish processing plants, cargo docks, a marina, waterfront parks, a Canadian Coast Guard Base and some ship building facilties located on the waterfront.

The main industry in the region is tourism, health and metals. The largest mental health facility in the province is one of the main employers in Selkirk.

There are services in Selkirk which are important for travelers including accommodations, restaurants, fast food, bank, retail stores, some big box stores, grocery stores, sport stores, gas station, marina, liquor stores, pubs, golf courses, internet, coffee shops, gift stores, tours, attractions, events, festivals, aerodrome and a nearby community airport.

Popular Activities

Culturally there are art galleries, theatre and museums in and nearby Selkirk. Located in the community is the Marine Museum of Manitoba which shares artifacts and exhibits from the Red River and Lake Winnipeg era. Explore around town and there are more historical buildings like the 1887 Christ Church, 1872 Colcleugh House, 1887 Merchant's Hotel and the 1907 Post Office.

One of the more popular and biggest historical sites in the region is the Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site of Canada. It is not far from Selkirk. And just up the road from Selkirk is the St. Peters Anglican Church. It is a stone church dating back to 1854. It is the oldest stone church in the prairies.

Selkirk, Manitoba is named the "Catfish Capital of the World" because of the catfish fishing in the Red River. Fishing is big in the region. In the centre of town there is a catfish sculpture which is the town mascot named "Chuck the Channel Catfish".

Other summer activities enjoyed in the community of Selkirk include golfing, sightseeing, boating, swimming, picnicking, birdwatching, hiking and biking.

In the winter snow months people enjoy ice fishing, cross country skiing and snowmobiling. There are parks with trails and backcountry roads ideal for snowmobiling and xc skiing.

Parks & Places

Some of the parks, picnic sites, playgrounds and green space areas in the community of Selkirk that you may wish to visit include Selkirk Park, Queens Park, Penwarden Park, Hydro Park and Daerwood Park.

Just out of town, a short drive away, are some other great adventure destination wilderness parks like the Bird's Hill Provincial Park, Winnipeg Beach and the Oak Hammock Marsh.