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Winnipeg Beach Manitoba
Adventure Travel - Canada

Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba, Canada is a small cottage lake community located on the western shores of Lake Winnipeg and sitting next door to a provincial park called Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park.

A beautiful 3 kilometre long white sandy beach is the main highlight of the provincial park. It just so happens, the same long white sandy beach is also the main tourist attraction for the community of Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba.

The waterfront beach and the village stand side by side separated only by a boardwalk pathway and a village street. The boardwalk pathway is a popular walking and sightseeing trail used for exploring along the waterfront and for getting from one end of the beach to the other.

One block over are the village stores and shops. For visitors and travelers there are services located in the village like accommodations, restaurants, golf courses, ATM, restaurants, gift shops, fast food, gas station, laundromat, convenience store and a coffee shop.

The community of Winnipeg Beach was first established in 1903. It was the very first official resort community established in Manitoba, Canada. For many decades after that people just kept on coming to Winnipeg Beach to have fun and be entertained.

In the early 1920s the sandy beach was the site of many late night dances and gala events. On the waterfront there was once a dance hall, an amusement park with a ferris wheel and a high end resort entertaining guests.

In the roaring 20's people would travel from all over the province to spend a weekend at Winnipeg Beach. It was the "hip" place to be. Trains once transported, up to, 80,000+ people a weekend to and from Winnipeg Beach.

Today... the village is a beach community. Located up and down the village streets there are many small cottages and homes. When exploring, look up... and look for the most recognized landmark in Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba - the Canadian Pacific Water Tower dating back to 1928.

The water tower, made of steel, dominates the skyline. It is hard to miss. It stands all alone on the waterfront in plain view. The tower was once part of the railroad industry servicing steam trains passing through and assisting with providing water for putting out forest fires.

Some services are not provided in the village but are best found in the campground located in the Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park. Some of the services available in the park include day use picnic areas, boat launches, a full service campground, sani dump, picnic shelters and a children's playground.

Popular Activities

During the summer months, on the outdoor stage, the waterfront entertains visitors with events, musicians and entertainment.

Summer activities enjoyed in Winnipeg Beach include sightseeing, picnicking, swimming, boating, sunbathing, beachcombing, water skiing, sailing, wind surfing, walking, cycling, fishing, camping and golfing.

Winter activities enjoyed in Winnipeg Beach include ice fishing, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.