Popular year round recreation trail known as the KVR Kettle Valley Railway
rock oven park 044 people having lunch & enjoying view from kvr.tct

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rock oven park 041 mountain biker on the kvr.tct

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rock oven #3

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naramata rock oven 1

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Bellevue Trestle
Boardwalk bridge on the KVR in Myra Canyon Trestle on the KVR in Myra Canyon

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Dirt Biking
Motorbiking on the KVR Recreation touring on a bike

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Park Sign
Rock Oven Park on the KVR Entering the park

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First nation art Pictograph from history

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First Nation art on KVR KVR pictograph

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Little Tunnel
Stopping for views KVR Touring

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Little Tunnel
Inside the tunnel on KVR Mountain Biking Tours

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Naramata Below
Looking down from Little Tunnel on KVR Rest stop on KVR

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Tree Bridge
Bridge leading to Rock Oven on KVR Hiking to Rock Oven

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Exiting Little Tunnel
Mountain BikeTouring KVR Bike Tours

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Mountain Biking Rest Stop
Views of Naramata from KVR Naramata below

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