Little Tunnel above Naramata
Meadow Lark Ride Mountain Biking on the KVR

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Adra Tunnel
Collapsed tunnel on KVR was longest Longest tunnel on KVR

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Mccullough Trestle
Kettle Valley Rail Trail bridge near Naramata Mountain biking route near community of Naramata

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Biking North on KVR
Just past Little Tunnel and Peachland ahead Kettle Valley Rail Trail

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Little Tunnel
One of the tunnels on the KVR Tunnels located on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail

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Interpretive Signs
Signs located on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail KVR signs

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Views from KVR
Looking out from Little Tunnel on KVR KVR

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KVR Crossing
Stop at Smethherst Rd in Naramata Bike tours on the KVR

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Cell Call on the KVR
Okanagan lake in background on KVR Mountain Biking

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Little Tunnel on KVR
Stopping on trail above Naramata Rest stop at Little Tunnel

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End of Bike Tour
KVR mountain biking Touring with Little Tunnel in background

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Touring near Chute Lake
Meadow Lark Ride Mountain biking near Naramata

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Biking on the KVR
Meadow Lark Ride Meadow Lark ride from Chute Lake to Naramata

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KVR Lunch Break
Touring on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail People taking a break on KVR

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Getting Ready to Ride
Mountain biking on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail Kettle Valley Rail Trail is the Trans Canada Trail

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