Rebuilt Trestle
Myra Canyon KVR Myra Canyon

1392 hits

Chute Lake
TCT and KVR Trail Lake on KVR

1621 hits

McCulloch Water Tower
KVR in Kelowna Remains of the past on KVR

1535 hits

Adra Tunnel
Upper entrance on KVR Tunnel on KVR

2304 hits

Adra Tunnel
Partially collapsed tunnel Partially collapsed Adra Tunnel

1755 hits

McCullough Station
Buildings on KVR McCullough Station stop on KVR

2174 hits

Bellevue Trestle
Steel trastle near Kelowna Bellevue Trestle

2052 hits

Hotel Ruins
Kaleden ruins on KVR Kaleden trestle

2026 hits

KVR tracks
Summerland cycling Mountain Biking in Summerland

1526 hits

Mountain Biking
Summerland tracks and biking Biking in Summerland

1444 hits