Barn Owl
A Barn Owl swoops down on us while exploring in southern Alberta, Canada.

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Brewery Gardens
The flower and rock gardens at the information centre in the community of Lethbridge, Alberta.

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One of the older buildings in downtown is now a post office in the community of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

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spray-trail20090704 53
Mountain views while exploring along the Spray-Dorrien Road in Peter Lougheed Park

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Park Road
Road exploring and leading to day use areas in the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada

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Hotels, Motels and Inns
The main street in High Level is Highway #35 and along each side of the highway are many hotels, motels and inns just like a vegas strip.

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Gas Station
The gas station in the heritage village located at the Kleskun Hills Provincial Park near the community of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada in Peace Country. .

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