Pit Toilets
Washrooms on the KVR Trail Rest stop on Meadow Lark Ride on KVR

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Mountain Bike Touring
Chute Lake to Naramata on the KVR Meadow Lark Ride

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Rock Oven #10
KVR Rock Oven Park Many of the rock ovens in the park

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Rock Oven #5
Sightseeing in Rock Oven Park

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Tree Bridge
Bridge leads to foot path to rock oven #6 Bridge from old rail bed to rock oven

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Cattle Guards
Rock Oven Park trail on KVR Trail in the Rock Oven Park

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Lunch Time
Taking a break with a view on the KVR Lunch with views on KVR / TCT

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4x4 on the KVR
Offroading on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail 4x4 on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail

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Mountain Biking on KVR
Rock Oven Park recreation Recreation on KVR

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KVR Trail
Trail before Little Tunnel Mountain bike trail

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KVR Parking Lot
Smethherst Rd parking for the kettle Valley Rail Trail KVR sign and parking lot

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Silt Formations
Clay hill mountains in Naramata Silt hills in the community

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Bikers on KVR
Rock Oven Park Mountain biking the KVR

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Views from KVR
Kettle Valley Trail near Naramata Viewpoint on the KVR

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Native Pictographs
Ancient drawings of the First Nations people First Nation drawings

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