Welcome Sign
Entrance to park from Hwy #3

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Sandhill Cranes : Northwest Territory

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Sandhill Cranes
Birdwatching on Hwy #3

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Beware of Bison
Watch for buffalo on highway

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Buffalo Sighting : NWT
Bison grazing in marsh in the N.W.T.

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Highway Bridge
Crossing the Kakisa River

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Kitchen Shelter
Picnics and warming hut

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Northwest Territory bison
Bison of the Northwest Territory

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Lookout at Lady Evelyn Falls
EH Research Team gives it the thumbs up

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Buffalo Sighting
Bison grazing in marsh

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Inside Shelter
Fire pit and picnic tables

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Grazing the fields on Hwy #3

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Picnic Table
Picnicking, hidden from view, with views

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Picnic Area
Lake views and eating

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birds 3
Sandhill Cranes on side of Hwy #3 : Northwest Territory

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