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Bear Hill Regional Park
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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Bear Hill Regional Park

Park Size: 48 hectares (118 acre)

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Horseback Riding

Bear Hill Park is a summit trail and sightseeing peak located on the Saanich Peninsula situated north of the City of Victoria, British Columbia, (B.C.), Canada on Vancouver Island.

The park measures 48 hectares (118 acre) and was first established in 1970. Since the park was first established it has become a popular route for hikers, birders and horseback riders.

The highlights of the summit park are the wildflower fields, the birding opportunities and the far reaching views from the summit overlooking Haro Strait and the San Juan Islands, The Gulf Islands, Mt. Baker and the City of Sidney.

To access the summit in Bear Hill Park one must navigate a forested trail which includes some sections of challenging elevation hiking.

One section measuring about 350 metres long is particularly challenging with an elevation gain of about 100 metres climbing over exposed tree roots and loose rock.

The trail explores a forest of trees including such tree species as arbutus, garry oak, douglas fir and western red cedar. The forest floor is populated with a variety of fern species and dead fall trees.

The summit during the spring season provides a bevy of colors from the assortment of wildflowers. Some of the floral species include chocolate & fawn lilies.

Once you have reached the summit the views take over. Adding to your sightseeing pleasure are eagles playing in the wind drafts.

From the main trail in the park there are side trails which lead explorers off in another direction to various different viewpoints on the summit. Another good way to extend your trip in Bear Hill Park is to explore the connector trail which leads to the Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park.

How To Get To: Bear Hill Regional Park

From the City of Victoria travel north on the Pat Bay Hwy (Hwy /17). Turn left onto Sayward Drive (traffic lights) and then left again on Hamsterley Road and then right onto Brookleigh Road. Continue on Brookleigh Road to Oldfield Road and take another right onto Bear Hill Road. Look for a small parking lot and the trailhead to the summit.


Brookleigh Road Victoria, British Columbia Canada

48.5462347568 -123.412964241

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