Shorepine Bog - Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Tofino, Ucluelet

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Tofino, Ucluelet

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Interpretive Signs

Shorepine Bog is a hiking trail exploring a sensitive ecological system located in the Pacific Rim National Park near the Villages of Tofino and Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. A raised boardwalk trail navigates around shorepine trees and dwarfed shrubs including species like Labrador Tea and Bog Laurel.

The Shorepine Bog Trail measures 800 metres. It is an easy grade loop route which is wheelchair and baby stroller friendly. Located along the pathway are some viewing benches and a few interpretive signs explaining the importance of protecting bogs, wetlands and marshes.

The Shorepine Bog is a labratory of plant and wildlife species. We identified on our hike some dwarfed Yellow Cedar trees, twisted Southpine trees, Skunk Cabbage, salal, Deer Fern and some False Lily of the Valley.

Bogs are left behind from the ice age and the acidic soils and the lack of drainage help create sphagnum which is the rustic, multi-layered coloured moss on the the floor of the bog. When sphagnum builds up it begins to form little islands around trees referred to as hummocks.

The bog also attracts many species of song birds to the area. If you are a birder this is a destination to visit. The boardwalk path does have a few sitting benches in strategic areas for visitors who want to take a moment and watch the wildlife.

The bog is a sensitive ecological area and it is imperative you respect the land and stay on the trail. Pack out what you pack in as there are no garbage cans on the trail. In the parking lot are some garbage cans and picnic tables for some snack time if you need a break.

All visitors to the park must have a Park Use Permit. Pack out what you pack in.

Latitude 49.012517 Longitude -125.656822


Shorepine Bog - Pacific Rim National Park Reserve
Pacific Rim Highway
Tofino, Ucluelet
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