Florencia Bay

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Park Amenities:

Florencia Beach is one of many of the beautiful beaches located in the Pacific Rim National Park located near the Town of Tofino and just north of the community of Ucluelet, BC, Canada on Vancouver Island. The sandy beach is housed in a small cove surrounded by towering big rock outcroppings and decorated with driftwood logs.

Of all the beaches in the Pacific Rim National Park, Florencia Bay is one of the lesser known beaches therefore it attracts smaller crowds during the summer season. The attraction of the beach and what sets it apart from the others is its closed in nature. The small cove is walled up due to the surrounding rock outcroppings and cliffs. Some of the water bound rock pillars are exposed and stand tall during low tide. And when the tides come back in, especially in the storm season, the waves butt heads with the rock pillars sending giant waves of mist into the air.

The backside of the beach is lined with driftwood logs. Many logs are piled one on top of the other forming barricades protecting the shoreline trees from the winds. During the summer months past visitors to the beach have rearranged the logs forming mini picnic sites with driftwood chairs and tables inside make-shift forts.

During the summer months Florencia Bay is an ideal destination for activities like swimming, sand castles, picnicking and beachcombing. In the trees behind the beach are some picnic tables.

All visitors to the Pacific Rim National Park must purchase a Park Use Permit.


Florencia Bay
Tofino, Ulcuelet


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