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Coombs Village
Parksville, British Columbia, Canada

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Coombs Village

Park Amenities:
Gas Station
General Store
Open Year Round

Coombs Village is located in Arrowsmith Country, west of Parksville BC, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The eclectic village, doubling as a market, is a popular attraction in the region because of the unique assortment of services and shops.  It is a shopping experience which will leave you with a unique impression of the area. 

One of those attractions is "The Goats on the Roof" restaurant. It is a patio restaurant with live goats grazing on the roof of the building. In the centre of the market, circling the main courtyard, are various shops selling clothing, candles, jewelry, carvings, toys, artifacts, old books and more.

There are old and new books. Clothing ranges from tie-dye to leathers to gowns to dashiki dresses and shirts. The foot wear ranges from boots to slippers to moccasins. Every store offers something different.

Coombs is located along the same highway route that connects travelers to Port Alberni and to the Pacific Rim villages of Tofino and Ucluelet. No road trip is complete without stopping in at Coombs before hitting the west coast. The market is a good planned stop along the way.

Surrounding Coombs there are various attractions and shops extending for kilometres along the highway and throughout the back country roads. There are farms, art galleries, markets, eclectic shops, rodeo grounds, a pub, B&Bs, a campground, a gas station, a restaurant, and a wildlife rehabilitation centre.

The Englishman River Falls Provincial Park is located close by, south of Coombs. in the backcountry fields of Errington.

How To Get To: Coombs Village

Travel to the community of Parksville BC via the Oceanside Route (Inland Hwy) on Vancouver Island. Coombs Village is located west of Parksville, BC, Canada. Once in Parksville head west on the Alberni Hwy (Hwy 4A) pass Errington Road. On your left is Coombs Village.


Alberni Hwy (Hwy 4A) Parksville, British Columbia Canada

49.3056594312 -124.420314819

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