Community Beach Park

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Community Beach Park

The Community Beach Park is located in the community of Parksville, BC on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The massive sandy beach in the park is the highlight of the park and it is also the waterfront of the community. 

Community Beach

Community Beach is the most popular beach destination in Parksville. The beach consists of fine white sand, many driftwood logs and an assortment of marine seabirds. At low tide the ocean waters recede back 500 metres into the ocean revealing tidal pools, shells and kilometres of wet sand. It is at low tides when beachcombing is best.

The beach park is a major recreation destination in the community. The beach is lined with viewing benches, picnic tables and grass lawns. Some picnic areas are private, some are very public. What ever the case, there is plenty of space on the sandy beach and grass lawns in the park for a beach blanket and lawn chairs.

Many activities and organized groups meet in the park to play. Some of the activities enjoyed in the park include beach volleyball, tennis, frisbee, swimming, sand castle building, birdwatching, sightseeing, picnicking, skateboarding and kite flying.

In the park is a very large playground with a spray park that is very popular with the children. There are tunnels, ladders, slides and swings. Nearby are some public washrooms and a concession stand. Circling the playground are sitting benches and grass lawns for weary parents.

In the centre of the park is a large grass field and sand pit. Out on the field are frisbee players, kite flyers and model airplane operators. The sand pit is reserved for beach volleyball. Many volleyball tournaments take place in the park.


Community Beach Park


Located in: Parksville

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