Kingcome Inlet - Marine Route Vancouver Island

Port McNeill, Campbell River

Difficulty: Difficult
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This Kingcome Inletmarine route navigates a mainland fjord for 17 kilometres! The scenic route is located off the coast of northeast Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada in the Queen Charlotte Strait. The route is a rugged multi day adventure exploring canyons, cliffs, beaches, waterfalls and historic First Nation villages and artifacts. Best explore by boat or kayak.

The closest Vancouver Island communities to Kingcome Inlet are Port McNeill and Campbell River, BC. Both, Port McNeill and Campbell River,  have full service marinas  within walking distance of stores and shops. The closest Gulf Island amrinas are located in Alert Bay on Cormorant Island and Sointula on Malcolm Island.

Kingcome Inlet  is one of the least known marine routes on the west coast partly because it is a very challenging route to naviage and access is difficult due to weather and distance.

Kingcome Inlet has a lack of protected coves and bays along the route making planning crucial. Many sections of the boating and kayaking route include high canyon walls and cliffs which provide amazing scenery and waterfalls but provide very little shelter from winds. Beach camping is limited on this route.

Kingcome Inlet is rich in wildlife and First Nation history. The route passes by isolated First Nation villages, some abandoned others occupied. The Village of Mamalilaculla is the best known First Nation community in Kingcome Inlet. Be advised prior arrangements are necessary if wanting to enter the village.

No marine adventure in these tricky waters should be attempted with out good navigation charts, a gps, rain gear, tidal charts and access to weather reports as the inlet is prone to developing gale force winds.

Some of the best destinations to explore in Kingcome Inlet include Spring Passage, Moore Bay, Reid Bay, Shawl Bay, Retreat Passage and the village of Health Bay in Health Lagoon. Baker and Eden Islands are further north on the way to Echo Bay. Once you are in the inlet,  Echo Bay is the most visited stop for services and supplies as it has a store, a pub and other services.

The Kingcome Inlet voyage is remote and rugged with little signs of human inpact. That being said wildlife prospers here. It is , pretty much a given, that you will come across a wide variety of wildlife like Black Bears, Wolves, Orcas and Grizzlies.


Kingcome Inlet - Marine Route Vancouver Island
Port McNeill, Campbell River

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Marinas with boat launches in Port McNeill and Campbell River.
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