Clack Creek Mountain Bike Loop Trail

Roberts Creek

Located in: Roberts Creek
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Roberts Creek

Trail Length: 12.3 km

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:
Mountain Biking

a is located in the Roberts Creek, BC region on the lower Sunshine Coast north of Gibsons B.C., south of Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada. The bike route is a challenging mountain bike adventure that covers 12.3 km (7.4 mi.) exploring forests and many off-shoot trails. The total Clack Creek Bike Loop Trail should take about 2 hours to complete.

The Clack Creek Bike Loop Trail route is identified by white biking signs and double rings of yellow paint. Start biking right down Gruman Road for either 500 m (ft.) and head into the forest bush down the skid road (advance riders only) or continue for another 1.8 km (1.1 mi.) and turn left on Clack Creek Forestry Road.

Continue for 5 km ( 3.1 mi.) until the road ends. Downhill rush, here it comes! Veer off downhill for 2 km (1.2 mi.) until you run into the East Wilson Forestry Road. Take a left and follow the road for 2 km (1.2 mi.) back to Grauman Road.
Clack Creek Mountain Biking Trail, Roberts Creek, BC on the Sunshine Coast.


Clack Creek Mountain Bike Loop Trail
Gruman Road
Roberts Creek
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Located in: Roberts Creek
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