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Oliver BC Indian Head - McIntyre Bluff is a mountain of white granite towering 265 metres providing far reaching views near the communities of Oliver and Okanagan Falls, British Columbia, Canada. The bluff is easily recognizable from a distance when traveling on Highway #97 by the carved face of a person. At one point on the highway the road passes the base of the granite monolith.Indian Head Photos

The locals refer to the bluff as Indian Head. Many maps and books refer to the rock formation as McIntyre Bluff. The granite bluff is located in the The White Lake Protected Area. A Southern Okanagan Valley park stretching 3,741 hectares created to protect endangered plants and animals.

White Lake Protected Area starts near Okanagan Falls from Mount Hawthorne and McLellan. From the mountains it extends down to Green Lake and the community of Willowbrook. From the community The White Lake Protected Area continues down the west side of Vaseux lake to Mount Keogan to McIntyre Bluff and finishing in Myers Flats.

McIntyre Bluff is not only a unique sight to see but is also rich in First Nation history. Which is captivating since it resembles an Indian head. It is said that the elders of the Shuswap and Okanagan First Nations speak of legends when the bluff was the site of many fierce battles. Battles resulting in tribes being forced off the bluffs - falling to a certain death.

Today the bluff and the surrounding lands is home to wildlife like bighorn sheep, mule deer, badgers, bats and more. The area is also home to unmarked and low maintenance hiking trails. It is important to have a compass and basic hiking navigation skills. The White Lake Trail is the best marked trail in the area. There is an information sign at the trailhead on Fairview - White Lake Road.

The hiking route to the peak of McIntyre Bluff is an unmaintained trail which is located on private property. Use of this trail requires approval from the Willowbrook Society and Covert Farms.
Indian Head, Oliver, BC, Okanagan Valley



Indian Head - McIntyre Bluff
300 Covert Place

How To Get ToIndian Head - McIntyre Bluff

Travel Hwy #97 between Oliver and Okanagan Falls. Turn left on Secrest Road. Look for the signs leading to Covert Farms.
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