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Extensive network of trails used by hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders and cross country skiers. The vast maze of trails explores various eco systems including meadows, lakes, wetland swamps, rock bluffs and forests filled with Aspen, Lodgepole Pine and Spruce trees
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The village is reminiscent of the living and working conditions of the people who worked the land in the 1920's when the settlers were heavily committed to their farms and families.
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The 1870's Telegraph Wilderness Trail in Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada is a historic trek following the same route traveled by many pioneers and settlers when laying down the Collin's Overland Telegraph Line linking North America to Europe.
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Ferland Park is a central playground and picnic area that is easily accessible while in the community. A walking path dissects the park, connecting streets, directing people to the various play areas in the park like the Kinsmen Spray Park (water park).
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The Greer Falls Hiking Trail follows a well maintained, pine needled cushioned path for approximately 1.2 kilometre one-way to a waterfall and picnic site.
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A full day or a multi day wilderness hike exploring forests, lakes, creeks and meadows in the backcountry wilderness regions near the community.
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The bird sanctuary was first established in 1944.The Nechako River runs through Vanderhoof and the sanctuary is on the migratory bird path known as the "Pacific Flyway".
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A long haul, one-way 15 kilometre backpacking, horseback riding, xc skiing and mountain biking wilderness route following the same historical footsteps as the Carrier First Nation People.
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The park was established in 1944 and rests on the shores of the mighty Nechako River north of the community. The park is a recreation destination and is part of a designated bird sanctuary.
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The small park is located on Kenney Dam Road and overlooks the high banks of Stoney Creek protected by two towering Totem Poles.
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