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Park Size: 226 hectares

Difficulty: Easy - Family
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Green Timbers Park is a renewable forest and natural urban area in the community of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

The Green Timbers Urban Forest is a protected area within the city outfitted with a network of recreation trails, a lake, meadow, wetland and the site of the Surrey Nature Centre. The Surrey Nature Centre provides educational programs.

The activities enjoyed in the natural forest include hiking, walking, birdwatching, jogging, fishing and sightseeing.

The Green Timbers Urban Forest measures 226 hectares (560 acres). The forest is split into 3 distinct sections by 2 community roads. The massive forest of trees is divided up by 100th Avenue and by 96th Avenue.

In the middle of the Green Timbers Forest is a lake. The wetland environment and the lake attract various species of wildlife and birds to the parkland. Birds include waterfowl, song birds and predator birds. Wildlife sighted in the forest park include coyotes and deer. The lake is stocked with rainbow trout for fishing. Must have a BC fishing licence to fish.

Surrounding the lake and exploring the urban forest is a network of recreation trails. In total there are about 20 trails exploring the forest. The trails in the Green Timbers Urban Forest are gravel and earthy trails. Some trails are one-way routes while others connect to existing trails. The trails are level and, generally, easy going routes.

The trails connect to sections of boardwalk , wooden bridges and viewpoints. Along the trails, especially near the lake, are sightseeing benches. The trails are well signed and there are information billboards located in the park with trail maps. Some of the trails include...

Some of the Green Timbers Urban Forest recreation trails located north of 100 Avenue include the Yellow Arum Trail (560 metres), Trillium Loop Trail (900 metres), Moss Trail (540 metres) and the 100 Ave Pathway (800 metres).

Some of the Green Timbers Urban Forest recreation trails located between 100 Avenue and 96th Avenue include the Salal Trail (1060 metres), Hemlock Trail (700 metres), Willow Trail (960 metres), Birch Trail (660 metres) and the Douglas Fir Trail (650 metres).

Some of the Green Timbers Urban Forest recreation trails located south of 96th Avenue include the Hydro Right-of-way Trail (1260 metres), Railbed trail (270 metres), King Creek Trail (610 metres), Sword fern Trail (50 metres) and the Maple Trail (80 metres).

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Green Timbers Urban Forest
100 Avenue

How To Get ToGreen Timbers Urban Forest

The main entrance to the Green Timbers Park on 100 Avenue.

From the centre of Surrey travel north on King George Boulevard. Turn right on 100 Avenue. Travel west on 100 Avenue to the parking lot near the corner of 100th Avenue and 144th Street. There is also parking on 96th Avenue at the Surrey Nature Centre.
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