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Verigins Memorial Park

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Verigins Memorial Park is a monumental Doukhobor burial place located in Brilliant, British Columbia, Canada which is a short distance north of downtown Castlegar, BC in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. In total there are 5 people buried. All, of which, are descendants of Peter V. Verigin - the leader of the Doukhobors between 1908 to 1936.

Verigins Memorial Park

Verigins Tomb was built in 1924 and is the burial place for the Doukhobor leader, Peter V Verigin and his son Peter P Verigin and their wives Evdokia Grigoryevna and Anna Fyodorovna. Just down the way, a memorial garden is the final resting place for the Doukhobor leader.

Verigins Tomb is located on top of a grassy knoll on Sentinal Mountain. From its perch the tomb enjoys views of the Kootenay River and of the Highway #3a Bridge.

The tomb grounds are very well maintained. The grass lawns are trim, the garden flowers enjoy rainbow colors, the slab rock tomb is dominant and there is a gazebo for sightseeing.

A unique feature of Verigins Tomb is a large slab of rock engraved with the eulogy of Peter V Verigin. There are also tours running in the summer months.

To learn more about the Doukhobors there is a museum, not far away, called the Doukhobor Discovery Centre.

Verigins Memorial Park, Brilliant, BC in the Kootenays of British Columbia, Canada



Verigins Memorial Park
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