9 Top Things To Do on Galiano Island
Gulf Islands, BC, Canada

The Top 9 Things To Do on Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada located on the east coast of Vancouver Island in the Gulf Island B.C. Region.

Galiano Island ViewsOcean Kayaking. There are many places to visit on Galiano Island by kayak. There are kayak days trips exploring Retreat Cove, Montague Harbour, Gray Peninsula, Spotlight Cove, Coon Bay, Lighthouse Bay, Whaler Bay, Ballingall Islets, Gossip Island, Georgeson Bay and Parker Island.

Boating & Sailing. There are coves and bay with open water moorage on Galiano and there is a marina with services in Montague Harbour. Some stay for awhile and explore while others are on a schedule exploring the Southern Gulf Islands or San Juan Islands or the Princess Margaret Marine Park.

Beachcombing. Galiano Island has sandy and pebbled beaches. Some of the beaches are old middens sites with crushed shells covering sections of the coastline. There are beaches in Coon Bay, Montague Harbour, Retreat Cove and Georgeson Bay.

Birdwatching. Birdwatching on Galiano includes predator birds and sea birds. Some of the birding parks include Georgeson Bay, Bluffs Park and Dionisio Point Park.

Hiking. Galiano Island enjoys easy and challenging day hikes. Some of the hikes lead to viewpoints like in Montague Park, Mount Galiano Park and Bluffs Park. Some of the hiking trails lead to day use beaches like in Dionisio Point Park.

Golfing. There is a golf course on the island with a club house, concession, rentals and carts.

Scuba Diving. Active Pass, Porlier Pass, Lighthouse Bay, Trincomali Channel and Ballingall Islets are popular scuba diving destinations. Diving near Galiano island is an opportunity to view Rockfish, Anemones, Bryozoans, Tubeworms, Cloud Sponges and Wolf Eels.

Wildlife Watching. Wildlife is spotted while enjoying a sightseeing tour or while exploring a hiking trail to a sandy beach, bluff or point. Wildlife includes whales, sea lions, seals, eagles, deer, herons, hawks, otters and more.

Sports Fishing. Salmon and Halibut fishing. Fishing destinations include Active Pass and Porlier Pass and the protected Trincomali Channel.

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