Mt. Galiano Park

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Park Size: 81 hectare

Difficulty: Difficult
Park Amenities:

Mount Galiano Park is an ecological reserve protecting a sensitive eco system located on the south end of Galiano Island. Galiano Island is part of the Gulf Islands Group which are positioned off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Mount Galiano is an 81 hectare park popular for its hiking trail leading to a summit with far reaching views. The summit is measured at 311 metres. From the summit, on a clear day, you can see as far as Mt. Washington and the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, USA. More immediate views from the summit include Vancouver island, the Gulf Islands and the San Juan Islands.

There are three trailhead entrances leading visitors to the summit. The trails leading to the summit are considered moderately-difficult because of the elevation hiking required.

Some sections of the Mount Galiano trails are slippery. Some sections follow along a cliff with steep drop offs. Many sections of the hiking trails include exposed tree roots and rocks. All trails connect to a deactivated logging road which then lead to the summit.

There are no services in this park. Bring water and wear good hiking boots.
Mt. Galiano Park, Galiano Island, Gulf Islands, BC, Canada


Mt. Galiano Park
Phillimore Point Road

How To Get ToMt. Galiano Park

From the ferry terminal travel 2.8 kilometres down Sturdies Bay Road to Georgeson Bay Road. One trailhead is located on Georgeson Bay Road just after Morgan Road. The trailhead is right next to the highways maintenance yard.

Another trailhead is located in Lord Park which is at the end of Morgan Road.

Driving to the main trailhead closer to the park requires you to travel along Sturdies Bay Road and turn onto Georgeson Bay Rd. Continue on Georgeson Bay Rd. to Active Pass Drive and then to Phillimore Point Road. Just ahead is the trailhead.
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