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Hagensborg, BC Travel & Adventure

Hagensborg, BC, Canada is a small village, with deep First Nation and Norwegian roots, tucked away in a valley of forested mountains located on Highway 20 west of the massive Tweedsmuir Provincial Park and east of the community of Bella Coola. The community is on the edge of the Bella Coola River surrounded by looming mountains, rivers, hiking trails, Norwegian buildings and First Nation Totem Poles.

Bella_Coola, BC Photo GalleryThe earliest settlers in the Bella Coola Valley region were the Nuxalk First Nation people. The arrival of the Cariboo Gold Rush in the mid 1800s attracted more Europeans to the Bella Coola Valley. In 1867 the Hudson Bay Company erected a trading post for fur traders and supplies. It was in 1894 a Norwegian contingent arrived from Minnesota to settle in Hagensborg, BC, Canada in the Bella Coola Valley with the Nuxalk First Nation people.

Today, the descendants of the Nuxalk First Nation People live east of Hagensborg, BC on Highway 20 in a village with a beautiful selection of art paintings and Totem Poles located at their local school. In Hagensborg the community is a mix of the present and the past. The architecture varies from Norwegian to Canadian. Some is history on display like the "Norwegian Heritage House" and others became homes resting in large fields.

In the community Hagensborg the services useful to travelers include accommodations, restaurants, pub, ATM, gas station, general store and tours. The activities and attractions in the region include hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, picnicking, sightseeing and more. Some of the more popular trails in the Hagensborg region include the Saloompt Forest Trail, Snooka Creek Trails, Big Cedars Trail and the Medby Rock Lookout Trail.

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