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Prince Rupert, BC, Canada

Prince Rupert is the main northern transportation and marine gateway for the communities of Northern British Columbia and for the villages on Queen Charlotte Islands in Canada. The community of Prince Rupert itself, is situated on Kaien Island overlooking Hecate Strait and Chatham Sound of the Pacific Ocean. The island is connected to the rest of BC, Canada by Highway #16.

Prince Rupert, BC Photo Gallery Prince Rupert is located on the northwest coast of British Columbia. On the waterfront are marinas, a major ferry terminal and a shipping port. From the waterfront there are ferries sailing to Alaska, Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte Islands. Just south of the terminal large ships visit a major commercial shipping port for importing and exporting across the world.

Prince Rupert is referred to as the "Fishing Capital of Canada's Northwest Coast". Being on the waterfront and so close to such a large wilderness backyard - there is much to explore and many activities. Some of the other more popular activities in Prince Rupert include canoeing, kayaking, boating, hiking, cycling, sightseeing, picnicking, wildlife touring and golfing.

Some of the more popular wildlife in the area to keep an eye out for while on an adventure in Prince Rupert area are Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, whales, wolves, deer, Bald Eagles, Blue Herons. seals and many more. One of the most well known bear sanctuaries in the world is found near Prince Rupert, BC - the K'tzim-a-Diin is Canada's first grizzly bear sanctuary. The park was established in 1984 to protect the dwindling bear population.

There is much more to sightsee in the community. There are opportunities to learn more about the local history and culture. The Museum of Northern BC is an opportunity to view First Nation art, culture and traditions. The historic North Pacific Fish Cannery located in Port Edward, BC is an opportunity to view a historic fishing cannery on stilts.

The First Nation people have long lived on the west coast. There are decorative Totem Poles located throughout the community in parks, museums and throughout downtown. A walking tour is a good way to view the Totem Poles in McClymont Park and near Pacific Mariners Park.

eh! Plan to Visit Prince Rupert, BC today.