Centennial Park

100 Mile House

Difficulty: Easy - Family
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Centennial Park & Bridge Creek is a leisure park and trail destination located in the small community of 100 Mile House, British Columbia, Canada. The wide open spaces, the Bridge Creek Trail and the well maintained grass lawns provide an ideal setting for summer activities.

Bridge Creek FallsThe park is a central gathering place for many activities and community events. Many people arrive in the park daily to enjoy hiking, biking, picnicking, tennis and birdwatching. Some people arrive to just lounge around on the grass lawns, while some arrive with a book and others arrive with the family in tow.

Bridge Creek flows through the park. The creek snakes through the park, flows under a pink bridge and then continues down the centre of the park parting the grass lawns. Throughout the park lawns there are a few viewing benches overlooking the creek and some picnic tables and picnic shelters scattered throughout the park. On the back end of the park is a playground, washrooms, and a tennis court.

The 500 metre Bridge Creek Waterfall trail criss-crosses over two wooden bridges before reaching the Bridge Creek Falls. From the waterfall the trail separates into 3 offshoot trails. One trail leads to a forested ridge with views, another follows the power lines and another trail leads to Horse Lake Road.

Naturalists will enjoy exploring the park because of the vegetation and wildlife viewing opportunities. Throughout the park and along the trails are White Spruce, Cottonwood, Mountain Alder trees. At the foot of the trees one can see Wintergreens, Calypso Orchids, Reindeer Moss, Pixie Cups and Rocky Mountain Junipers.

Some of the wildlife in the park includes Golden Crowned Kinglets, ducks, Tree Toads, grouse, Winter Wrens, Black Capped Chickadees and Mule Deers.

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Centennial Park
Cedar Avenue
100 Mile House

How To Get ToCentennial Park

When in the community of 100 Mile House travel along Cedar Avenue to the park entrance sign near Dogwood Crescent.
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