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Candle Creek and Triple Decker Falls Hike

Candle_Creek_waterfall Candle Creek Falls

Visit 2 waterfalls in one hike in British Columbia

Candle Creek and Triple Decker Falls is a steep but rewarding hike in Canada, allowing you to get to close and personal with 2 waterfalls

Candle Creek and Triple Decker Falls was something I was not expecting. Hands up if you have ever gone on a hike with doing the bare minimum research for it? And with bare minimum research, I mean looking up what the distance and difficulty were and figured you got this? With this in mind, I'll let you guess how much research was done for this one. As an avid hiker, anything classified as moderate and under 15km doesn't phase me. According to AllTrails, Candle Creek and Triple Decker Falls are classified as a moderate 5km return trip. Easy peasy or so I thought. 

"Run wild and free like a waterfall"

Anamika Mishra

Quick Glance - Candle Creek & Triple Decker Fa

Time: 3-5 hrs
Distance: 5km return
Trail: There and back
Difficulty: Moderate (quite steep)
What to bring: water, snacks, sun protection, hiking sticks, proper hiking shoes, waterproof case for the phone (if hiking to base).
Road conditions: Accessible by car
Other information: Osprey Viewpoint is a 10m walk offering views over Clearwater River. To get to the base of the falls, walk straight past the bridge (not over) and follow the trail. 

Wells Gray Provincial Park in 2 Days

I prefer to prepare as much as possible but to give you a little bit of background, Wells Gray Provincial Park, British Columbia ended up being a semi-last-minute adventure (AKA. It wasn't going to rain, so we decided to go). Nevertheless, we quickly researched 'Top Waterfalls to See' and trails that could be completed in the short 2 days we had. It also didn't help that our internet stopped working just after Spahats Falls (along with all our attempts to do a bit more research).

Directions to Candle Creek and Triple Decker Falls Hike

It can be a challenge finding the trailhead as there are no signs along the road unless you have pinned Candle Creek or Triple Decker Waterfalls on Google Maps or are following a hiking app like AllTrails or doing some research on sites like this one. There is just a little pull-off into a hidden parking area before (if going towards Clearwater) or after (~4.5 km coming from Clearwater roundabout) a bridge with enough spots for about 5 cars. 

Parking area (going towards Clearwater) for Candle Creek and Triple Decker Falls hike. Photo Credit: Melanie Adair

Hiking Trail

At the start of the trail for Candle Creek and Triple Decker Falls hike, there is a sign warning you about the steepness of the trail and offers poles and sticks to those who need them; however, I would highly recommend bringing your own poles if you have some. One section even has ropes to help you get down and back up. 

Poles to help you along the way. Photo Credit: Melanie Adair
The steepness of Candle Creek Falls Trail. Photo Credit: Melanie Adair

 Triple Decker Falls

The trail is basic to follow, with blue dots leading you all along the way. You will first come across the trail to Triple Decker Falls or you can keep going to Candle Creek Falls. If you veer towards Triple Decker Falls, it's a 3-minute downhill hike that leads you a little distance from the falls. Depending on the water flow, you can cross the creek and follow the path on the other side to the base.
Sign for Triple Decker Falls. Photo Credit: Melanie Adair
Triple Decker Falls in June. Photo Credit: Melanie Adair
Triple Decker Falls in July. Photo Credit: Nicole Adair

The fun part starts around the 1km mark as you continue to Candle Creek Falls. If you didn't enjoy walking downhill yet, you sure will now but with the courtesy of ropes. This is the steepest part of the entire hike and unfortunately, the ropes do not go all the way to the end and the last little section will have to be done yourself. 

Using the ropes to go down. Photo Credit: Melanie Adair
Using the ropes to go up. Photo Credit: Nicole Adair

Osprey Lookout

As you're approaching Candle Creek Falls, take a right at the Osprey Viewpoint sign and walk 10m to get views overlooking the Clearwater River.

Overlooking Clearwater River from Opsrey Viewpoint. Photo Credit: Melanie Adair

Reaching the Base of Candle Creek Falls

The bridge will be the end of the trail or you can cross over and continue following the path to Clearwater River. To get to the base of the falls, instead of crossing the bridge, continue straight where you will see a well-used path. Use caution as the trail becomes slippery. Before your phone/camera becomes too wet, take as many photos as you can.
Candle Creek Falls from the bridge. Photo Credit: Melanie Adair
Mist from the Candle Creek Falls. Photo Credit: Melanie Adair
In the end, Candle Creek Falls ended up being one of my favourite waterfalls so far located in Wells Gray Provincial Park, B.C. It was well worth the trek and effort to get close and personal with 2 waterfalls. For those still planning their summer hikes, check out my tips on how to hike in hot weather.

 Candle Creek and Triple Decker Falls Hike

 Hiking waterfalls in Wells Gray Provincial Park

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Megan Kopp on Wednesday, 11 August 2021 01:42

Waterfalls + hot weather = hiking heaven! Enjoyed all your pics

Waterfalls + hot weather = hiking heaven! Enjoyed all your pics :)
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