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Sharing is Canadian!Facebook0Twitter0Google+0Pinterest00sharesOn April 22nd people around the world will be celebrating Earth Day. Millions of people around the world will be attending rallies, fund raisers, exhibits and festivals giving […]

Sharing is Canadian!

On April 22nd people around the world will be celebrating Earth Day. Millions of people around the world will be attending rallies, fund raisers, exhibits and festivals giving Mother Earth a voice. And… sadly enough… the rest of the population will be grumbling, festering and having a hate on for the environmental movement resulting in name calling like, “Hippie”, “Tree Hugger” and… some cases using the word environmentalist as if it were a dirty word.

There is such a division in the world on how we, as humans, look at the Earth. What is truth and what is fiction. This scientists says this and that scientists says that. The lines are so blurred with over information and so much of it has a spin put on it.

But one thing is clear in our minds… Mother Earth is changing and the environment of our kids and their kids will be a different world than what we have today. By all accounts it may be scary different too.

Protecting Wetlands is Vital to Canada

Maybe the sea level of the oceans will rise? Maybe the temperatures around the world will increase by more than a couple of degrees? Maybe the northern ice will melt away? Maybe the the Gulf Stream and Labrador Current in the Atlantic Ocean will reverse direction? Maybe, maybe and maybe.. it goes on and on. No longer is sitting on the fence an option… people must make a stand on what they believe in. Earth Day, if anything, makes people think!

To us Mother Earth should be every day because we enjoy her company every day. We do not need a dedicated day to celebrate her beauty and appreciate her offerings. Mother Earth has given us everything we could of dreamed for. She has given us a career we love. She has provided us with adventures of a life time. We owe her in a big way, every day. So what do we do to honor her? To many it is nothing, to us it is everything. It is little things.

When we are out hiking we pick up garbage on the trails left behind by others. We pack water but not in a plastic bottle. When we are backpacking we pack out what we pack in. When on the water we do not use gas motors but paddles. When we see beautiful landscapes we take pictures instead of picking a dozen flowers for our kitchen table. We say no to “drive thru’s”. When we see animals we admire from afar instead of shooting them for sport. No one asks us to do these things, we do it because others should be able to enjoy the outdoors without seeing a Tim Horton’s Cup, cigarette butt, plastic bags, beer bottle, or a dead carcass with no head, etc.

Protecting Wildlife and their Habitat is Important

In Canada, Earth Day has become a great day for us and millions of others. There are now organizations celebrating Earth Week and even Earth Month. They include Victoria’s Earth Walk (5,000 participants), Edmonton’s Earth Day Festival at Hawrelak Park (30,000 participants), and Oakville, Ontario’s Waterways Clean-up (2,000 participants) and more.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is an organization which we admire. Because of their efforts Canada EH Tourism has had more parks to explore, more wetlands to research and more wildlife to photograph. Since 1962 NCC and its partners have helped to protect more than 1,052,000 hectares (2.6 million acres) coast to coast.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is the nation’s leading not-for-profit, private land conservation organization working to protect our most important natural areas and the plants and animals they sustain. To celebrate Earth Day the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and Charity Challenge have partnered to offer an amazing travel experience. Charity Challenge runs numerous and varied group adventure expeditions to incredible places around the world for those looking to challenge themselves and raise funds for a great cause in the process.

Celebrate Earth Day by signing up for a once in a lifetime experience and raising money to help Canada’s natural lands and the plants and animals that depend on them for survival.

If you want to help NCC and challenge yourself with an amazing adventure, visit NCC website to find out how you can get involved: .

Happy Earth Day everyone… even to the nay sayers.




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