Bro and I have been talking about some of the new features we are adding this year to our EH Tourism websites. It is going to be so wicked.

So far Bro has designed some convenience features. These are features more appreciated by the online traveler. They are features which make exploring easier and more EH like, per say.

There is a Bookmark Button now on every page, located at the top of each page. This enables the online traveler to bookmark any page on our EH Tourism websites at anytime. It makes it easy to access the site.

There is a Print Button on every page, located at the buttom of each page. So now online travelers are able to print out pages of information easily for when they are on the go. So while they explore Canada they can have the information in their hands. Travelers can now print out maps, parks, trails, directions and lists of accommodations, tours and attractions.

There is a Correction Button on every page. Communities change. Businesses turn over or close there doors. Parks grow. Trails are extended. Now when you (our loyal fans) see information that needs updating you can let us know so we can confirm the information and make any necessary corrections.

Be well, Be active!

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