Today we traveled back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. Yup, we packed up the travel pods and took to the roads from the southern east hip pocket of Alberta to the community of Drumheller east of  Calgary. A community well known for dino digs and discoveries.

The highway to Drumheller took us on a scenic tour past hundreds of coulees, hoodoos, forgotten pioneer buildings and farms with red barns, silos, cows and horses.  The rolling hills turning colors from green, to brown, to yellow. From a far distance the landscape looked like a giant quilt. Above..  in the sky we saw falcons and pelicans and some other odd bird we could not identify?

In Drumheller, we both settled in at our campground on the Red River for the night. During the night Bro and I hatched a new plan. Go figure. After researching the local maps of the area it was obvious we would need more time to explore the area, so Bro decided he would go ahead and scout out a new base camp near Calgary.

I, on the other hand would settle in and meet him in a few days.  So off he went in the morning and I proceeded to explore and research Drumheller.

First I got my blood pumping by hiking some of the paths in Midland Park,  visiting some of the canyon lookouts and the many dino museums.

It was a day of fresh air and Fred Flintstone overload. Holly Jurassic Park!


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