From our new base camp called Lodgepole Campground in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park we find ourselves waking up to two deer roaming the campground. Our new neighbours stare us down and then continue munching on some greenery – giving us a snub.

We both got up early today, so to get some computer work done before heading out to enjoy some research.  We wanted to get an early start so we would have some time to explore the hoodoos in the Writing on Stone Park near the southern border of Alberta.

The drive was straight passing by grasslands, coulees and farms. During the drive we saw an enormous number of falcons perched on fence posts and we were, often, dodging the ground squirrels darting across the highway – from our observation many do not make it.

The Writing On Stone Park  was a treat for our eyes and through our lens. The Milk River in the park flows through the canyon lined with hundreds of hoodoos.  Throughout the hoodoos is a sand walking path zig zagging around the massive structures. Picture above is Bro standing on top of a hoodoo.

One cannot help but be in awe of the powers of nature and the time it took to form such unique rock formations. It is easy to understand why the First Nation people, long ago, held the area in such high regard. It is a spiritual place.

During our visit we were lucky enough to see a drumming demonstration from some of the local First Nation people. Bro has it on film. Should be good for the website.

Tonight I take it easy, get some work down and then off to sleep. Sun and a long drive take allot out of you some days eh!

Be well. Be active.writing-on-stone

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