Well, a few days is now turning into four days of researching the region around Drumheller. I just kept finding more parks and hoodoos to visit. The list I had built was calling for a long day and allot of miles. The morning started at 7 AM as I was eager to get going.. as usual my body slept but my mind did not.

After exploring Drumheller in the morning, I ventured out towards East Coulee, another hoodoo park and Little Fish Provincial Park. The hoodoo lookout park included a short interpretive trail wandering around some – yah you guessed it – more hoodoos. It was yet another opportunity for me to get up close and personal  with weathered rocks.  Hmmm, must be my rugged good looks..ha ha ha. Had a ton to see still so my visit bonding with the hoodoos was short.

Next was Little Fish Provincial Park which  at the end of a 24 kilometre gravel road. Good for the paint job on my new jeep. When I arrived at the park there was not a soul in sight. It was just me and an island of birds.  It was easy to see why it would be a good bird watching destination with a good set of binoculars or camera lens. I had to turn the music up and do a dance.  It was just me and the scenery was perfect.

Next I drove along the grasslands to visit the Dinosaur Provincial Park near Brooks.  The park was a real treat as I got to do some hiking.. again with very little people around me. It was just me, my camera, more hoodoos and a really hot sun.  Everything I could dream for!  Anybody who knows me knows I live for adventure in all types of weather.

I proceeded to hike the 4 trails in the park.  The trails were short, except one trail near the digs where you could wonder into the hoodoos and coulees for sometime. All trails had interpretive signs. Always good to learn too when being active. Hiking and learning – does it get any better.  Did I mention how hot it was.

My day ended on the gravel roads between Brooks and an undetermined campground. I love the back roads opposed to the highways. There is less pressure from cars speeding up behind you and sometimes I am able to travel for hours and only meet 1 or 2 vehicles.. and drive by allot of red barns.  I eventually ran out of daylight so I  finally pulled into the Little Bow Reservoir Park in the midst of a wind storm.

The winds were a howling. The waves on the reservoir were lashing out so loud I thought I was on the west coast of BC again.  The travel pod (trailer for you new comers to the blog) was rocking back and forth singing me to sleep. I was so tired.

Here is a picture of people looking from the lookout down at the Dinosaur Provincial Park in the canyon.

Good night all! Talk soon.dinosaur-trail

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