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High River, Alberta, Canada
Foothills Country travel, tourism information

High River, Alberta, Canada is an agricultural region and historical park destination located on the banks of the Highwood River and Little Bow Canal in the Southern Alberta Foothills region of Alberta, Canada.

The history of High River is well documented in the community and is on display at various exhibits throughout the region.

High River, AB, Canada photo galleryThere are parks with history, murals depicting history, museums housing history and "points of interest" remembering history.

Rodeo is very alive and well in High River. And agriculture is the economic engine. The roads leading in and out of High River provide many examples of the agricultural impact on the region. There are fields of farm houses, ranches, rolling pastures, cattle, red barns, cowboys, horses, canola, hay sheds, plows and tractors.

In the community of High River the greenspace areas located along the Highwood River and the Little Bow Canal create activities, parks and recreation trails. The trails connect the greenspace with attractions and historical sites. The trails and parks provide many opportunities for various activities and adventures.