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Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada
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Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada is a small mountain community located at the base of the eastern slope of Grande Mountain, situated at 4200 feet above sea level in the foothills and front ranges of the Rocky Mountains in the Central Alberta Region of Canada.

Located south of the community is the Willmore Wilderness Park, the Continental Divide and Jasper National Park. Circling Grande Cache are 21 mountain peaks surrounded by backcountry wilderness including white water rivers, alpine lakes, forests of pine and spruce trees and roaming wildlife.

The 21 mountain peaks and 4 major rivers surrounding the community of Grande Cache, Alberta create great scenery and adventure opportunities. Some of the mountains in the area include the Ambler, Louie, Grande, Stearn, Mawdsley, Knife, Maxwell and Flood Mountains. The rivers include the Smoky, Sulphur, Muskeg and Kakwa Rivers.

The wilderness backcountry of Grande Cache and the Willmore Wilderness Park provides visitors and locals a playground for many adventures year round.