Cascades of Time Gardens


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Cascades of Time Gardens is a floral sightseeing park located in the heart of Banff Village in the Banff National Park. The gardens, located at the south end of Banff Avenue, share 12 acres of land with Canada's National Parks.

canonrebelEstablished in 1935, the park building on the property was the first national park building in Canada represented by the government. It was built from materials of the area and the gardens were meant to be a reminder of the geological history of the Rocky Mountains.

The Cascades of Time Gardens in Banff, Alberta, Canada are a series of tiered floral beds with over 50,000 flowers. Peak bloom sightseeing months run between June to September. There are guides and interpretive tours running during the summer months. Admission is free for those who would like to enjoy their own self guided tours.

There are archways, ponds and fountains, stone pathways and rock steps throughout the gardens. There are viewing benches, gazebos and sitting shelters located along most of the paths - most in shade.

The largest fountain is embedded in a pond located on the front lawns of the park building. From the front lawn of the gardens, looking down the centre of Main Street (Banff Avenue), there are great views of the Village of Banff, Albert, Canada and the shops and stores.



Cascades of Time Gardens

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