Muncho Lake Provincial Park

Fort Nelson

Park Size: 86,079 hectares

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Boat Launch
Interpretive Signs
Wind Surfing

Muncho Lake Provincial Park

Muncho Lake Provincial Park is located east of the community of Watson Lake, Yukon Territory on the British Columbia side of the Alaska Highway west of the community of Fort Nelson, BC.

Muncho Lake Provincial Park photo gallery The lake park includes many natural attractions like the Folded Mountains, the Trout River Mineral Licks, a Rock Quarry, the Peterson Canyon, the Sheep Flats and Muncho Lake.

The milky green color of Muncho Lake attracts allot of attention. The green hue is due to the millions of tiny rock fragments deposited by glaciers. The silt empties into the lake and then floats near the bottom. The silt particles are referred to as "Rock Flour" and they reflect the sunlight which creates the milky green color of the lake water.

The Muncho Lake Provincial Park is measured to be 86,079 hectares. Starting from the south end of the park the Alaska Highway follows Toad River, then Muncho Creek before reaching the 12 kilometre shore of Muncho Lake. From Muncho Lake the highway continues north following the Trout River.

Some of the best wilderness views in the park are easily accessible from the Alaska Highway. There are viewpoints with interpretive signs at the main viewing areas in the park like at Muncho Lake, Peterson Canyon and the Folded Mountains. The odd shaped Folded Mountains are formed from shifts in the limestone plates.

Many activities are enjoyed in the Muncho Lake Provincial Park. Some of the activities include canoeing, fishing, sightseeing, rving, boating, sightseeing tours, hiking, camping, scuba diving, water skiing, swimming, backpacking, wilderness backcountry camping and picnicking.

Muncho Lake and some of the neighbouring rivers are good for fishing. There are resorts and tours operating in the park. Fishing includes lake trout, bull trout and arctic grayling. Fishing in British Columbia, Canada requires a fishing licence.

There are many opportunities to view wildlife in the massive park. Some wildlife can viewed from your car while others are seen while enjoying an adventure. Some of the wildlife in the park includes marmots, moose, grizzlies, black bears, wolves, beavers, caribou, stone sheep and mountain goats.

There are campgrounds and some resorts operating in the park. The campgrounds include the Strawberry Flats and MacDonald Campgrounds. They are separated by 10 kilometres along the Alaska Highway.

The MacDonald camp includes picnic tables, fire pits, pit toilets, picnic shelters and a boat launch. Nearby there are a few private lodges which provide additional services like a restaurant and gas pumps. The Strawberry Flats camp is less developed with picnic tables, fire pits and pit toilets.

Explore Muncho Lake Provincial Park located on the Alaska Highway in-between Fort Nelson BC and Watson Lake, Yukon


Muncho Lake Provincial Park
Alaska Highway
Fort Nelson

How To Get ToMuncho Lake Provincial Park

From Fort Nelson, British Columbia travel west on the Alaska Highway for 206 kilometres to the entrance of the Muncho Lake Provincial Park. From Watson Lake, Yukon Territory travel east on the Alaska Highway for 243 kilometres to the entrance of the entrance of the park.
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